Printmaking: Tools and Resources


The following tools and resources for Printmaking are available online, most of them for free – though sometimes with limitations (e.g. time, number of downloads etc.).


David Bull (Japanese Woodblock)
David Bull, a British-Canadian wood carver working from Tokyo, dedicated his life to Japanese wood block printing. He hosts a range of websites on related matters as well as a Youtube channel. His story is also the subject of the documentary Art of the Game: Ukiyo-E Heroes (Toru Tokikawa, 2018).

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (Government Authority)
Admittedly, probably not the first reference to be expected in a repository of printmaking resources for studio based education, but it’s a cool reminder of the everyday significance of printed matter: the US “Money Factory”‘s website on how money is made.

Ruthann Godollei (Book)
Ruthann Godolei published How to Create Your Own Gig Posters, Band T-Shirts, Album Covers and Stickers: Screenprinting, Photocopy Art, Mixed-Media Collage, and Other Guerilla Poster Styles (Beverly, MA; Voyageur Press, 2013) outlining various techniques for DIY printmaking with minimal materials.
For Sale (ebook and paperback)

Hand Papermaking (Journal)
Hand Papermaking is a semi-annual journal advancing the scholarship and production of handmade paper and paper art. While the journal is by subscription, they do offer a set of Beginners’ Articles for free also.
Subscription (partially free)

Tamarind Institute (Printmaking)
Tamarind is a nonprofit printmaking workshop with state of the art production facilities, public gallery, and an extensive education programme offered since the 1960s. They also provide online access to (some of) their resources.

Paper Talk (Podcast)
Paper Talk is an ongoing podcast by Helen Hiebert (see also below) featuring interviews with artists and professionals working in the field of papermaking.
Free (at Apple Podcasts)

Pine | Copper | Lime (Podcast)
Pine Copper Lime is a podcast by Miranda K. Metcalf celebrating contemporary printmaking and its culture. through artist profiles, exhibition reviews, and studio insights.
Free (at various outlets)

Tate (Museum/Gallery)
The Tate Galleries’ website offers short text-based introductions to various printing techniques, which they supplement with exemplary artworks from their vast collections.

The Print Cast (Podcast)
The Print Cast’s host Nick Naughton talks with contemporary printmakers about the print shops, processes, business ideas, technical tips and anecdotes from the shop.
Free (at various outlets)



Émilie Aizier (Lithography)
Artist Émilion introduces a fast, economical, simple, and non-toxic litho process that students can do at home using aluminum foil and cola on his page Kitchenlitho.

Elliot Bulpett (Lino Printing & More)
The print artist Elliot Bulpett runs a Youtube channel demonstrating her practices and techniques in printmaking, illustration and zine making, including some popular Lino print tutorials.

Diode Press (Printmaking)
Diode Press is the brainchild of printmaker Graham Stephens. In his Youtube channel he presents tutorial video series on Linocut, Woodblock, Mezzotint, as well as Drawing and 3D printing.

Belinda del Pesco (Printing without Press)
Artist Belinda del Pesco runs a Youtube channel with tutorials on DIY engraving or collagraph techniques that work without printing press.

Hannah Skoonberg (Etching without Press)
Hannah Skoonberg is a printmaker. In her relatively small Youtube channel she includes a video spoon printing a copper etching plate at home; a technique that may come handy at times.

Patrick Vincent (Printmaking)
Video tutorials on various printmaking techniques.

Katsutoshi Yuasa (Woodcuts)
In his Youtube channel Japanese artist Katsutoshie Yuasa demonstrates his wood cut practice which he conducts from his home studio without a printing press.

Paper & Book Making

Dieu Donné (Papermaking)
Dieu Donné is a New York-based non-profit cultural institution providing artists with support regarding the processes of hand papermaking including through online materials on their Youtube channel and their resource page.

Jim Escalante (Bookmaking)
Jim Escalante teaches Book Arts, Graphic Design and Photography at the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and provides tutorials on skills in these areas on his
Youtube channel.

Helen Hiebert (Papermaking)
Apart from publish several books on the matter, papermaker and artist Helen Hiebert also provides a variety of resources and materials online, especially her Youtube channel with a great variety of video demonstrations.

UnityTruthBeauty (Papermaking)
UnityTruthBeauty runs a small Youtube channel on alternative papermaking with plants.

More tools and resources of interest for this area may be found in the posts for Drawing & Painting, or Graphics.

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