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Clearly, Zoom (more information here) has exploded to become a leading platform for online teaching and learning as well as general online meetings in early 2020, but it is certainly not the only platform/tool available, it doesn’t offer all the functions liked and needed especially in creative studio courses, and recently it raised a series of security concerns.


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Slack is a proprietary instant messaging platform, with basic functions similar to other platforms: persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging etc. It’s core ambition is to replace email as the primary method of communication and sharing within organisations, i.e. to consolidate all communication that might otherwise be scattered across emails, text messages, or in person meetings.


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In difference to other communication apps, Discord may not be on many instructors’ screen, but it quite certainly is on their students’. Originally mostly frequented in the gaming community as a separate Voice over IP (VOIP) channel used in parallel to any ongoing game to discuss team tactics in private, it’s since developed into a communication tool with much broader appeal in particular with younger audiences.


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Initially Jamboard was a piece of hardware, an interactive whiteboard, essentially a huge touchscreen on a stand that collaborators could log onto via a dedicated app. Since its inception in 2017, the Jamboard app now may also stand alone, i.e. collaborators may directly connect and work with each other without the hardware.


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Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform to enable teams working together by means of a very pleasing visual interface. Miro focuses on real-time collaborative work on canvases with different templates: diagrams, mind maps, workflow board, etc. Each board is “infinite”, thus can keep lots of stuff in different forms (digital sticky notes, minutes, sketches, images, charts etc.).


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Zoom is a software that offers remote conferencing services combining video conferencing, audio conferencing, online meetings, chats, and mobile collaboration for up to 500 participants (only in paid-for plans). Additionally, it offers a host of supplementing functions that make it possible – with fairly little practice – to host classes almost as if on campus. The most useful such functions for classes are




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