Mural offers digital workspaces (=online whiteboards) for visual collaboration between up to 50 participants (for the cheapest plan). As a collaboration tool Mural enables users to build, share and collaborate on projects from any location and on any device either on a browser or via the native Mural app.

A distinguishing feature of the platform is its very well developed sticky note functionality for fast-paced idea management. Participants may “dump their thoughts” on sticky notes onto a canvas, and then create processes, show relationships between thoughts, collect others’ thoughts, and organise it all together.

The software displays ideas spatially in order to support complex prioritisation, analysis and idea voting processes and workflows. Additionally, the platform enables real-time collaboration processes, tracks project progress and changes, and allows users to create and share presentations with stakeholders and customers outside of the company.

For these purposes users may incorporate other third-party visual aids (from e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Evernote and Google Drive) within whiteboards and presentations. Mural additionally integrates with a number of third-party applications, most notably it seems particularly close with the entire Microsoft suite.

Mural itself offers a fairly extensive blog on its homepage that continuously provides advice and tips for new usage ideas or updates; it also maintains a dedicated Youtube-channel for tutorial videos that comprehensively cover all common questions and issues a (new) user might have.


Tactivos Inc. (USA)

free trial for one month, after that two pricing plans available depending on number of participants

Tutorial (by provider):

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