Photopea is a free of charge, browser-based photo editor with interface and functionalities very similar to Adobe’s Photoshop.

Despite its humble background as a one-man enterprise, Photopea is an advanced image editor that can work with both raster and vector graphics featuring the following capabilities: layers, layer masks, blend modes, various (retouch) brushes, selections, procedural adjustments (e.g. changing brightness, hue, saturation, convolutions (blur, sharpening …) etc.).

Photopea adheres to all common software protocols in the field, thus it’s fully compatible with other available applications. It opens all common file formats (.psd, .jpg, .tif, .png, .svg etc.) to .psd format for editing; result can be saved in .psd format or may be copied to other formats.

Photopea is a browser-based software, thus no software installation required: you open the homepage through any browser on any platform or device and start working – though you may find the screen sizes of smart phones or tablets possibly a bit awkward for photo editing.

Despite being browser-based, Photopea entirely runs on your device; after it was loaded, one may disconnect from the internet and continue working completely offline. This also implies that none of the working files ever leaves the home computer unless specifically uploaded by their owner.

A special section of Photopea is dedicated to a well structured manual that will help users of all levels to find their way; additionally a continuously extended repository of tutorials responds to specific creative problems. Together with a wide range of video tutorials available on Youtube, all user needs should be comprehensively supported.

Photopea is available in all major languages.


Ivan Kutskir (Czech Republic)

free – though with advertisement; for ad-free working you may purchase time-limited licenses (e.g. US$9 for 30 days, or US$10 for 90 days).

Tutorial (by third party):

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