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Clearly, Zoom (more information here) has exploded to become a leading platform for online teaching and learning as well as general online meetings in early 2020, but it is certainly not the only platform/tool available, it doesn’t offer all the functions liked and needed especially in creative studio courses, and recently it raised a series of security concerns.


Slack 0 (0)


Slack is a proprietary instant messaging platform, with basic functions similar to other platforms: persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging etc. It’s core ambition is to replace email as the primary method of communication and sharing within organisations, i.e. to consolidate all communication that might otherwise be scattered across emails, text messages, or in person meetings.


Socialisation before Collaboration 0 (0)


Like any other, online classes require a degree of pre-supposed trust between instructors and students as well as between students themselves. If stakeholders are to work together, share ideas, to some extent expose themselves personally, to accept others’ judgement and advice, they need to at least know the other, and feel safe in their (social) setting. Such sense of security needs to be initially built and subsequently continuously maintained.




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