Initially Jamboard was a piece of hardware, an interactive whiteboard, essentially a huge touchscreen on a stand that collaborators could log onto via a dedicated app. Since its inception in 2017, the Jamboard app now may also stand alone, i.e. collaborators may directly connect and work with each other without the hardware.

The Jamboard app is a visual collaborative whiteboard to work together, develop ideas, share materials of various formats/media, and to present outcomes. Naturally Jamboard integrates well with other Google software – most importantly Google Hangouts and Google Drive – and has a couple of features that utilise Google’s leading research/market position in selected areas (e.g. automatic handwriting recognition).

One fairly unique feature is Auto Draw, a kind of auto-correct for sketches: Draw something that looks vaguely like a common object, and the system will suggest a host of images from which to select images that will replace your rough sketch.


Google (USA)

The Jamboard app may be downloaded for free from resepctive app-stores. As Jamboard coincides with the G Suite ecosystem from Google, many institutions may carry it already – ask your IT administrator.

Tutorial (by third party):

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  • NOTE: Quite a lot of online reviews suggest that some key features (e.g. automatic recognition of handwriting) don’t always work smoothly.

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