Photography: Tools and Resources


All of the following tools and resources for Photography are available online, most of them for free – though sometimes with limitations (e.g. time, number of downloads etc.).


Reframing Photography (Resource Platform)
The website allows to view contemporary artists talk about their practice, to view step-by-step video tutorials, to read about additional photographic processes, to locate artists’ works, resources, readings, and opportunities, and to discover class projects related to book topics or recommended by educators.

Smithsonian American Art Photographic Archive (Archive)
This is an archive of nearly a half million negatives, photographs, and slides documenting the development of American art from the colonial period to the present.


Clearly the dominant provider of digital photography related tools is Adobe through its Adobe Creative Cloud services (previously Adobe Creative Suite) including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom etc. Most of the apps are available for free trial, but convert to a pay-by-subscription model after a time limit. (For a limited time during Covid-19, Adobe offered all their licenses for two months for free for students and registered users.)

If you’re not eligible for Adobe’s giveaway and/or if you’re generally looking for alternatives, you may find some below.

Gimp (Image Editor)
Gimp is a powerful image editor for photographers, animators and visual artists.

Photopea (Image Editor)
Photopea is a free of charge, browser-based photo editor with interface and functionalities very similar to Adobe’s Photoshop. (More information)

Pixlr (Image Editor)
Pixlr X is another feature-packed online photo editor.


Nikon School 
10 online video tutorial on various camera techniques, photography equipment etc.        Free

More tools and resources of interest for this area may be found in the posts for Graphics, or Media Arts.

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