Artsteps is a a web-based environment – a little like Sketchup – that allows to create virtual art galleries in lifelike 3D spaces. Users may model complex actual or virtual exhibition spaces including specific colours and surface textures, and populate them with digital artefacts (images, 3D objects, videos and sound) to curate realistic virtual exhibitions.

From an educational point of view it’s additionally interesting that exhibition makers may create guided tours through the virtual exhibition, including “guide points” that provide further information on respective pieces. Artsteps is also VR-ready, i.e. any exhibition/gallery may also be explored with a head set.

All exhibitions with Artsteps may be presented on Artsteps’ web site or can be embedded on any other web page or blog. They can also be rated, discussed and shared including on social media sites.

Artsteps is a browser-based online application, no further downloads etc. required. This makes it occasionally susceptible to low speed and/or even crashes.


Dataverse Ltd. (Greece)

free (after account registration)

Tutorial (by third party):

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