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Deep Space is a project by Seattle-based artist/curator Satpreet Kahlon, operative on and off since 2016. It’s conceived as “a physical gallery that only exists online”.

“Designed to disrupt our ideas of what an object or exhibition can and should be, Deep Space invites artists to contend with the space as if they were planning a physical show. The only prompt is to think about Deep Space as a physical reality that could be visited and accessed in-person by viewers.

The goal of Deep Space is to create an exhibition space without many of the geographical, capital, and mobility-related limitations that usually come with an exhibition space and gallery, and to increase dialogue and actionable change around ideas of mobility and capital that further narrow the scope of whose work enters an artistic landscape dominated by narrow, hegemonic ideas of value and value-making.”

Based on this concept, Deep Space is indeed much more like an actual gallery-gone-online, than a tool to purpose-design virtual spaces for the presentation of student work. Nonetheless, for classes on curatorial practices, professional development and conduct, potentially also graduate or postgraduate exhibitions it might be an interesting option.

Deep Space (this link has been inactiviate by the author)

Satpreet Kahlon (artist/curator; USA)


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