The Art Assignment


The Art Assignment is an educational video series that explores art and art history through the lens of the present. Each episode introduces an emerging or established artist, each of whom share an assignment that relates to their approach to art.

Since 2014, the series has expanded and evolved, offering a wide range of content in an ongoing effort to demystify art and art history for broad audiences. Their Case For series makes arguments for the continued relevance of movements, artists, and types of art, including The Case for Minimalism and The Case for Yoko Ono. Through their Art Cooking series, they explore the life, work, and eating habits of Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Andy Warhol, among others. Art Trip, takes viewers for on a trips that investigate the art offerings of locations as disparate as Venice, Italy, and Marfa, Texas. Other episodes delve into questions and criticisms that arise about art, such as I Could Do That, Art is Pretentious, Behind the Banksy Stunt, and Love the Art, Hate the Artist

Designed to be used in the classroom and also enjoyed independently, The Art Assignment works to demonstrate the diversity, accessibility, and relevance of art being made now and in the recent past.

The Art Assignment

PBS Digital Studios with Complexly (USA)


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