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As would be expected teaching and learning online is different to teaching and learning in a traditional classroom setting; in particular transitioning from one to the other requires adaptation – and the exploration of very different tools and practices to achieve the best possible learning.

Obviously this website is intended as a – hopefully – helpful overview of available tools and resources specifically for teaching creative studio courses. However, you may find some more suggestions below – and on other pages via the Search function and/or by the Categories provided.


The Art Assignment (Practices)
The Art Assignment is an educational video series that explores art and art history through the lens of the present. Each episode introduces an emerging or established artist, each of whom share an assignment that relates to their approach to art. (More information)

Art Prof (Practices)
Art Prof is an online platform with resources and practice examples for teaching visual arts online.

Firstsite (Practices)
Firstsite is a registered charity in Colchester, UK. They provide various activities through their Online Studio, and – most recently – the artist created activity packs, featuring contributions from UK artists including Antony Gormley, Gillian Wearing, Idris Khan, Jeremy Deller, Mark Wallinger and more.

The Learning Coach (eLearning)
A blog/website providing best practices, resources and support for all matters of eLearning.

Online Learning Consortium (eLearning)
Inspiring the online learning community through new ideas, innovative perspectives, global lessons, and personal stories from OLC members and leaders in the field.

Smithsonian Learning Lab (Resource Centre)
The Learning Lab is one of the many exceptional resources offered by the Smithsonian Institution with resources, training, and support to assist caregivers, teachers, and students as they face new learning challenges.

Virtual Visits
Whether online or offline, taking students on a site visit is informative, inspiring and also simply a nice change occasionally.

For an overview of available online education platforms, go here.


Online Communication & Collaboration
Possibly the most important tool for teaching online classes are apps that allow you to connect with your students via video conferencing, digital whiteboards etc.

Google Classroom
Google offers a very comprehensive array of softwares and resources that support teaching online and offline.

(Formative) Assessments Tools
A – non-exhaustive – overview of (formative) assessment tools to get students engaged – especially during long online classes – and to test their understanding in real-time.

Supporting Softwares for the Classroom
Sometimes it’s nice to have some simple helpers at hand.

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